Safety Policy

Star Link understands the risk involved in working onsite. Hence it is our top most priority to ensure proper security and precautions for the employees.

Star Link strongly maintains the rules and regulations for on-site technical persons. Also Star Link is committed to its customer as well as its employees to provide them all the safety manuals and materials while working.

StarLink proudly announces that at the beginning of this year a board meeting decides that following are the key safety precautions that all the employees must follow during work

  • All the employees must use Helmet while working in BTS/MW or Tower sites
  • All the employees must use SHOES while working
  • All the employees must use SFETY BELT while working on TOWER
  • All the employees must use HAND GLOVES while working
  • All the employees must be educated or informed enough so that they can understand and oblige by any safety requirements that are imposed by the CUSTOMER
  • All the employees must not wear any metallic or conductive equipments while working on power materials
  • Concern persons must arrange meeting or training in each 3 months or beginning of a major project to train the employees about maintaining the safety and quality of installation and commissioning
  • Consecutive breach of safety regulations will result in punishment or termination of any employee.

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